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Proper accounting is an extremely important component of a sustainable and growing business. Consistent and timely accounting is no longer just another mandatory activity element, it is your tool that helps you make successful and valuable strategic decisions, taking into account the company's performance indicators.

Accounting services

Systematically and automatically managed company accounting becomes efficient, saves employees' time and the company's money. Neat accounting, just like that personnel accounting, Systematically and automatically managed company accounting becomes efficient, saves employees' time and the company's money. Neat accounting, personnel or e-commerce accounting allows you to assess the real situation of the company at the given moment and make decisions here and now. Therefore, it is important that your accounting partner understands your business and becomes a strategic partner.

Your profit is our value. The goal of D&R Accounting is to provide timely and consistent accounting services that are beneficial to your company and comply with the latest laws.


Accounting services require precision and attention, which helps a business confidently travel to success. D&R Accounting provides full accounting services and prepares periodic and annual financial statements for businesses. By cooperating with us, you can be sure that: we will rely on the latest legal acts and laws, we will look for the most useful accounting solutions for you.

Automated processes

We will automate the processes and all accounting services will be performed consistently, so you will clearly know the financial situation of your business at any moment. You don't need to hire an accountant and try to find him a job. If the volume of accounting is not large, you can entrust the entire accounting to the D&R Accounting team and pay only for the amount of work performed

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Accounting must take care of not only the preparation of documents and reports but also ensure high-quality personnel accounting, which allows to facilitate the work of managers in companies and keep orderly records of human resources data and movement. Accountant's services in personnel accounting include: preparation, change or termination of an employment contract, accounting of working time and wages, calculation of sick leave and vacations, preparation of manager's orders and others. The value of D&R Accounting is consistency which allows transparency in all processes and easy management of information that helps to make business-critical decisions.

D&R Accounting has been providing accounting services for many years for e-commerce accountingD&R Accounting is providing book-keeping for e-commerce accounting for many years. E-commerce has many financial intricacies that become even more sticky if international sales of goods or services begin. Consistent bookkeeping in e-commerce accounting allows you to predict tax obligations and accurately calculate them or even manage product balances and make accurate activity forecasts. The services of an accountant in this area become critically important, because the business model and investments can be determined based on the numbers provided by the specialist.

Accounting services are increasingly being outsourced as companies realize that it is not always profitable to hire a full-time employee. And not infrequently in growing businesses, the manager himself takes care of accounting, so it is natural that many questions may arise.

External accountant services

Accounting services are increasingly being outsourced as companies realize that it is not always profitable to hire a full-time employee. And not infrequently in growing businesses, the manager himself takes care of accounting, so it is natural that many questions may arise. Outsourced accounting services, such as consulting, can save you not only the time you spend delving into the intricacies of the law but also the money you can sometimes lose due to unoptimized accounting or misinterpretation of the law. External accounting services and consultations allow businesses to devote more time to business development and making appropriate decisions because you can rely on and follow the advice of experienced "D&R Accounting" specialists.


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Preparation and registration of purchase and sale documents

We will prepare all documents related to the sale of the company


Accounting of fixed assets

Accounting for fixed assets is necessary in every company that has various movable and immovable assets


Preparation and submission of declarations to institutions

To the State Tax Inspectorate, "Sodra", JV "Registrų centrus", Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, Department of Statistics of Lithuania, Customs of the Republic of Lithuania


Preparation and registration of cash register documents

We will prepare and register all the necessary documents


Filling in personal income declarations

We will quickly fill in your resident's income declaration


Managing neglected bookkeeping

We organize the accounting of previous periods and clarify reports and declarations


Debt accounting

Accounting services for short-term and long-term debts for the company


Preparation of annual financial statements

Professional and efficient preparation of reports


Calculation of wages and related taxes

Avoid the hassle of managing your payroll and let the professionals take care of it for you



This question is probably the most common, because we want to make sure and disprove the myth that only very large businesses can afford to have an accountant. Accounting services today are a service available to everyone due to the large supply. In our company, service prices range from 80 euros per month, and we can also offer a very competitive hourly rate. It is only 30 eur/h. Contact us today and we will offer you the best price on the market for accounting services.

If you want to receive information specifically for your business and tailored to your needs, you can always contact us. Our accountant will be happy to advise you and provide you with the most acceptable offer for your business.

A professional team is ready to work with you, regardless of any business form.

Since the establishment of a new business and all the stages related to it are very exhausting, we highly recommend that you at least take the bookkeeping off your shoulders. With many years of experience, we can confidently say that we know and can help you in all stages of establishing a new business. Both with documents and registrations in the necessary institutions, as well as in solving everyday problems. Use our professional accounting services to make the start of your new business a smooth one.

Each client and case is unique, so we would give you the most accurate answer when you contact us. We will provide all the necessary information. However, in all cases, without exception, we are ready to listen to your needs, prepare an offer, and perform the necessary inspections and analyses. If high-quality and impeccably performed accounting services are important for your business, we are waiting for your call.

For your convenience, we also provide remote accounting services worldwide

If you are looking for logical and correct solutions, DRACCOUNTING can offer you that. When providing our clients with accounting services, we try to pay attention to their business needs and adapt the necessary accounting to them. From the list we provide, choose the most suitable plan and contact us for consultation.


If you run a small or medium-sized business and have calculated that you cannot hire an accountant at this time, then external accounting services become an attractive alternative. "D&R Accounting" will take care of your bookkeeping and perform all relevant services for you, and most importantly, you will only pay for the amount of services you need. With different payment plans, accounting services become available to each company and allow you to choose the relevant scope of cooperation.

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per hour
  • – Managing neglected bookkeeping
  • - Establishment of a company
  • - Preparation of financial statements

Ne PVM mokėtojas

per month
  • - 1 employee
  • – Iki 20 gaunamų ir išrašomų sąskaitų
  • – Iki 25 banko operacijų
  • - Complete accounting management


nuo €110
per month
  • - 1 employee
  • – Iki 20 gaunamų ir išrašomų sąskaitų
  • – Iki 25 banko operacijų
  • – PVM apskaita
  • - Complete accounting management


Do you have personal, relevant or sensitive questions for your business? We will solve them during the consultation. You just need to fill out the contact form and our team will contact you within 24 hours.

    I would like to discuss:


    Do you want to know how much the relevant accounting services would cost you? Fill out the request form next to it and we will prepare a cooperation offer tailored to you personally.

    Buhalteninės paslaugos, apskaita


      Заходите в вулкан казино и наслаждайтесь атмосферой роскоши и великолепия.

      Dovilė Dobrodiejūtė, has been working at MB "Donatechnika" in Vilnius since the establishment of the company on 01.04.2019. I appreciate her work very much because she is persistent and hardworking, so I am satisfied and calm that all accounting work will be done on time.
      As an accountant, Dovilė is characterized by analytical skills, cooperation skills, attention to details, information technology, and organizational skills.
      Dovilė Dobrodiejūtė is a careful and responsible accountant, receptive to various innovations and suggestions to be useful and profitable for the company.
      I recommend this employee for the position of accountant, as a responsible and reliable person. I am sure that she will perform all the accounting tasks of your company perfectly, without any complaints.


      MB Donatechnika

      2,500 sales and 300 purchase invoices per month, but neatly without a single error.
      Easy to communicate with, and most importantly solves problems IMMEDIATELY.
      UAB "Status fortis" team recommends.

      UAB Status fortis



      I am glad that we chose you. The company does its job well at a really affordable price. I definitely recommend them as long-term partners.

      Lukas Urbonavičius

      A reliable and honest person, always quick to respond and answer questions.

      Vaida Šniurevičiūtė


      Quality, fast and great experience. I recommend!


      Domas Simonovičius

      Quick response, sincere help, flexibility and attention to detail - are the main advantages of working with Dovile for us.

      We set high standards when looking for accounting services, because we understand how important it is to do this kind of work flawlessly. I am glad that MB Dobora follows the same high standards in his work - we quickly found a common language.

      Tomas Lekavičius
       UAB Piligree direktorius

      Ačiū už aiškumą, kurį mintyse susidėliojau po mūsų konsulacijos. Pavyko sulaukti atsakymų į visus klausimus, kurie taip rūpėjo!


      Raminta Rusinaitė

      Esu labai patenkintas įmonės MB „Dobora“ ir ypač Dovilės atliekamu darbu. Įmonės atstovai visada operatyviai ir profesionaliai atsako į visus klausimus bei atlieka kylančias užduotis. Pilnai pasitikiu kompanija ir rekomenduoju kitiems.


      Simonas Stankus
      UAB „In Balance grid“ direktorius